Giraffe with high animal welfare
Welcome to Animal Welfare Matters!

Animal Welfare Matters is a website, blog and business owned by myself, Kim Halford.  As both a Veterinary Surgeon and Animal Welfare and Behaviour Advisor I am known for my passion for high animal welfare standards.  I strive to improve animal welfare by working with individuals and through educating people on animal welfare and care. High standards of animal welfare are critical as the cornerstones of good physical and psychological health.

Aims of Animal Welfare Matters
  • Educate people on the welfare and care needs of different species and breeds.
  • Assess the living conditions of animals to improve these and the animal’s welfare.
  • Ensure the needs and desires of the owner are matched to the pet.
  • Provide advice to allow everyone the chance to care for suitable animals in a manageable way.

A big cause of pet behavioural problems is people owning unsuitable animals.  Also, people buying unsuitable pets is a huge reason why pets end up homeless or in rescue centres.  You should seek advice before getting a pet to find out which will suit your lifestyle and help you to look after them well.

This site and the services I offer gives access to expert advice on animal welfare and the needs of different species from hamsters to horses.  Also, I’ll guide you through all stages of the buying/ adopting process, offering feedback and advice at any point.

Learn Something New

Feel free to read my Blog discussing animal health, welfare, behaviour and contemporary issues.  I hope you’ll find these posts both educational and interesting.

Stay tuned!

I’m planning to create a variety of online courses and other features covering animal welfare and care. 

Being a fledgling business, these plans will take time to fully develop but I’m sure something will already interest you.

Interested in any of my services? Please contact me; kim@animalwelfarematters.co.uk .  Also, make sure you’re following the Animal Welfare Matter’s Social Media (see links below).