About Animal Welfare Matters

Tess, a cross breed dog

Animal Welfare Matters is based in South Yorkshire as well as online.  It aims to improve welfare through education and making changes to how pets are owned.  Also, I hope to help owners buy/ adopt pets which suit their needs and lifestyles

Information available

Education and support is delivered through various ways;

  • an animal blog
  • educational talks
  • one-to-one sessions
  • welfare assessments
  • phone/ email support
  • online courses
  • writing animal health, care or behaviour articles.  To discuss any writing please contact me here.
  • animal care sessions to change animal care protocols for animals or owners with specific needs.
  • Advice and consultation service to animal professionals and the animal industry
What’s Different About The Services?

I run Animal Welfare Mtters as both a Vet and Animal Behaviour and Welfare Advisor.  My skills mean I am able to explain issues your vet has told you about your pet but you are still a bit unclear about.  I can also assess issues your animal has and see if changing how you care for them helps. Sometimes changing their surroundings or how people or animals act around them can help them feel a lot better.

If needed I will work with your vet to help improve your pet’s health and welfare.


My experience and knowledge as a veterinary surgeon and further qualifications in Behaviour and Welfare mean I am perfectly placed to act as a consultant to animal industries.  I work based upon scientific research and advice and can adapt my work towards different species and scenarios.