Freelance Writing

I offer an animal-related freelance writing service.

This can be based on shorter content such as short blog posts or lists up to longer articles or long-form blog posts.  I’m also able to write content aimed towards different audiences; whether first-time pet owners to vets in practice.

Having both a UK- veterinary medical degree and an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare I’m able to write clearly and concisely about routine veterinary procedures, illnesses or treatments in ways clients understand.  I can also write freely about behaviour, husbandry and welfare.

Being a pet owner I can understand an owner’s anxieties regarding their pets becoming ill and relay these in any content I produce.

My Master’s Degree increases my animal behaviour and welfare expertise over that of most vets.  I am able to write technical information regarding welfare and behaviour to provide education for any animal professionals.  This includes topics such as Ethology, the study of animal behaviour and the needs of animals to be socialised when young; a contemporary issue due for those dogs reared in puppy farms.  I also have extra knowledge in some farming practices and can predict an animal’s likely behaviour with certain practices.  Once I see abnormal/ undesirable behaviour patterns demonstrated (or prior to this) I can help to reduce factors leading to these behaviours, explain these to others and improve the lives of production animals.

As a veterinary surgeon, I became interested in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia (relieving pain).  I researched the detection of pain in all species and more in-depth in rabbits for my dissertation.  Pain recognition is at the forefront of Animal Welfare Science and I can easily speak and write about this.

Read my blog for an idea of some of the writing I do.

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