Being a Veterinary Surgeon with an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare I believe I am able to bridge the gap between Vet and client in providing animal behaviour and welfare assessment and advice.


I have experience with a large array of species including exotic species such as reptiles, rodents and rabbits and am able to provide advice and support surrounding both how animals are cared for and the correct pet for your client.

If their animal has behavioural or medical disorders I can assess their welfare and behaviour whilst matching this with their medical history to see if anything in their environment could be contributing; the most common cause of illness in reptiles is husbandry problems and inappropriate diet in rabbits/ rodents causes an array of serious health problems.


Though a veterinary surgeon myself, I aim not to work in competition with either yourselves or behaviourists but take a stand-alone role to collaborate and enhance the services you offer.

A referring vet will receive a report back from me regarding their patient and, if necessary, a separate phone call or email and I will offer you continuous email support to ensure your patients get the seamless, appropriate and high-quality service that they deserve to maximise the effect on their welfare/ behaviour and their owner’s understanding.


Make a Referral either using the Form Below or emailing me with a referral form attached (in some cases a client bringing one alongside them, with clinical notes, will be acceptable)