Services Offered

Welfare Assessments

Welfare assessments of your animals, where they live, your care routine and a discussion of any issues you have.

I will talk you through everything I’m doing and my professional, non-judgemental, opinions throughout the assessment.  Afterwards, I will advise you what may be improved upon to help you or your pet.  After the session, I will create a report and, if you wish,  liaise with other animal professionals (vet, dog trainer, groomer…) on your behalf.


One-to-one Sessions

1-2 hour sessions discussing areas you want advice on.  These will allow me to troubleshoot the problems at hand and create ways to solve them.  Usually, sessions would be done in-person, however, dependent on the circumstances it may be appropriate to do them over the phone or via Skype/ FaceTime.  These sessions can also be useful if you or your pet(s) have specific needs and normal methods of caring for a pet may be inappropriate.  I am very understanding of any difficulties people may have and am non-judgemental.  I aim to help as many people as possible to look after and own an appropriate pet especially as they benefit both mental and physical health.

Pre- and Post-Adoption/ Buying Sessions

I will meet you prior to taking on a new animal to discuss the pros and cons of different species and/ or breeds.  Furthermore, I can visit adoption centres or breeders with you and offer guidance or act as an advocate if needed to ensure you get the pet which suits you the most. My aim is to ensure you and your pet are compatible and happy together.

Finally, meeting up again once you own your new pet is useful.  I will check everything is going well and help with basic training if appropriate.  Feel free to quiz me on anything relating to your pet.  Once the rose-tinted spectacles are off, some issues will probably be developing between you and your pet.  If this is the case, I will help solve them before they become overwhelming.

Educational Talks

Informal chats to in-depth discussions about animal care/ welfare/ health for all ages.  If desired, I can create presentations and educational documents to accompany sessions. I am also available to teach aspects of animal management/ care or Veterinary Nursing courses.

Freelance Writing

Do you want an article, blog post or care sheet writing?  Feel free to contact me to discuss details.  I’m sure an arrangement can be made to suit everyone.


 Advice to Animal Professionals

I offer bespoke welfare advice to animal industry professionals.  Advice given includes discussing welfare indicators, issues arising from poor welfare and cost-effective ways of improving welfare.  Given my veterinary background, I can also share advice on animal health issues or implications.  I have extensive knowledge of animal behaviour which I am also able to give advice upon.